The Ministry of industry and information technology has actively promoted the transformation
Time:2022-01-03    Views:363

Recently, the heat of carbon peak and carbon neutralization has been rising. Under the guidance of the "double carbon" goal, many high energy consuming industries have begun to explore the road of green transformation, and relevant enterprises also pay close attention to relevant policy requirements and implementation steps. The reporter learned that the Ministry of industry and information technology is actively promoting relevant work and planning and deployment in guiding the green development of industrial industry. At the press conference organized by the state information office on July 16, Huang Libin, spokesman of the Ministry of industry and information technology and director of the operation monitoring Coordination Bureau, introduced the relevant situation.

Huang Libin pointed out that industry is one of the important fields of energy consumption and carbon emission in China. Promoting green industrial development is a positive and effective measure to fulfill the commitment of carbon peak and carbon neutralization. The Ministry of industry and information technology will soon release the "14th five year plan" for industrial green development and the "14th five year plan" for raw material industry development, so as to promote the green and low-carbon transformation of industry and its high energy consuming industries, strengthen the supporting role of green manufacturing system, and strengthen emission reduction and carbon reduction from the source from the aspects of industrial structure, energy consumption, production process, resource utilization and product supply.

The Ministry of industry and information technology will accelerate the implementation of carbon peak action in the industrial field, work with relevant departments to formulate carbon peak implementation plans for key industries such as nonferrous metals, building materials, steel and petrochemical, clarify the implementation path of industrial carbon reduction, promote major low-carbon technologies and processes, carry out demonstration of major carbon reduction projects, and promote the implementation of carbon peak objectives and tasks in various industries.

Specifically, we will focus on the following six aspects:

First, promote the high-end transformation of industrial structure. Resolutely curb the "two highs" (high energy consumption and high pollution. Editor's note.) The project develops blindly, improves and strictly implements the policies related to capacity replacement, promotes the elimination of backward production capacity, and develops strategic emerging industries and high-tech industries.

Second, accelerate the transformation of low-carbon energy consumption. We will increase the proportion of clean energy consumption, improve energy efficiency, improve energy management and service mechanisms, and build a clean, efficient and low-carbon industrial energy consumption structure.

Third, promote the circular transformation of resource utilization. We will promote the coordinated utilization of primary resources and the recycling of renewable resources, promote the large-scale comprehensive utilization of industrial solid waste and the economical utilization of water resources, and reduce the production of industrial solid waste and wastewater.

Fourth, promote the clean transformation of production process. Vigorously promote green design, promote stock enterprises to implement cleaner production technology transformation, promote advanced and applicable environmental protection equipment in key industries, and promote the formation of stable and efficient governance capacity.

Fifth, guide the green transformation of product supply. Increase the supply of green and low-carbon products and green environmental protection equipment to provide a solid guarantee for the comprehensive green and low-carbon transformation in various fields.

Sixth, improve the green manufacturing support system. Build a green public service platform, improve the green manufacturing standard system, run through the green supply chain management, and improve the long-term mechanism of industrial green and low-carbon transformation.

The reporter also learned that the Department of energy conservation and comprehensive utilization of the Ministry of industry and information technology organized a working Symposium on "energy conservation services into enterprises" on July 8. Relevant responsible comrades introduced the idea of further accelerating the promotion and application of new energy-saving products, new technologies, new equipment and new materials under the new situation, and put forward requirements for the work of "energy-saving services into enterprises" in 2021. China industrial energy conservation and cleaner production association, China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, China Iron and Steel Industry Association, China Machinery Industry Federation and other 22 units jointly issued posters to support the "energy conservation services into enterprises" in 2021. Relevant units will organize and carry out the "energy conservation services into enterprises" around key energy consuming industries, Promote the application of advanced industrial energy-saving technologies, equipment and products through energy-saving technology exchange and other ways, and actively serve the majority of enterprises.

In the next stage, the Ministry of industry and information technology will continue to encourage all regions, industry associations, relevant enterprises and institutions to actively carry out the activity of "energy-saving services into enterprises", innovate new modes and mechanisms of energy-saving services, help enterprises explore energy-saving potential and inject new momentum into green development of enterprises. Machine tool enterprises will also pay close attention to relevant work arrangements, take active measures, pay attention to energy conservation and emission reduction in all links of the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, strive to provide more green equipment and make positive contributions to the early realization of the double carbon goal.